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Child sexual abuse has significant ramifications upon the psychological, emotional and interpersonal functioning of men in today's society. An estimated 6% of men have experienced sexual coercion in their lifetime (i.e., unwanted sexual penetration after being pressured in a nonphysical way); and 11.7% of men have experienced unwanted sexual contact, with the majority of victimization occurring during childhood. Historically, male survivors of child sexual abuse have been unlikely to disclose and seek therapeutic services for their victimization. Amongst those who do, many feel an elevated sense of shame and guilt, while others feel caught in the societal double-bind in which expression of feelings is frowned upon and the presentation as vulnerable has historically been stigmatized amongst male victims.

The aim of this presentation is to introduce an enhanced perspective of effective treatment of adult male victims of child sexual abuse, given the unique challenges they face. Therapists will receive an overview of effects of abuse and a sampling of societal stereotypes and their impact on identification and effective treatment for these victims, their spouses and their families. They will learn concrete interventions targeting themes of isolation; shame and guilt; healthy expression of vulnerable feelings; and finding meaning in their traumatic experiences. Additional focus will be on helping the male client minimize maladaptive, avoidant and compulsive methods of coping with their childhood trauma. Clinical interventions for the spouses and family-members of the survivor will be an additional focus of the presentation. For therapists providing community prevention and awareness training, the information provided will be helpful in appropriate dissemination of information to the public in a research-supported manner. 


The School of Sex Therapy is an approved continued education provider for the International Association of Psychosexual Therapists and is responsible for this program and its content

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