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Joseph Campbell, the author of the Hero's Journey, famously writes, "Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” When an individual is confronted with this heart wrenching reality it shakes them to their core. Their reality has now been pulled out from underneath them in an instant, their life will never be the same. We as clinicians, have an obligation to, when presented with such a client, treat them with the utmost sensitivity and understanding of the trauma they are currently experiencing. Betrayal trauma is unique in that it hits at the very core of who we are. A woman healing through betrayal trauma loses trust in her spouse, herself, her judgment, and her reality. There are so many layers to this complex trauma and knowing how to properly treat it is crucial. Both Dr. Stefanie Carnes, in her book, Facing Heartbreak, as well as Dr. Sherri Keffer , in her book, Intimate Deception walk through the beginning stages of loss and grief. Through this lecture, we will use these resources, as well as others, as a baseline of understanding the pain of these men and women and go through the intricate, necessary steps towards healing. Pulling on studies, as well as anecdotal research we will discuss the unique struggles partners face from within. After working with so many partners of betrayal, and having the humbling experience of watching them heal through this journey and come out stronger, I feel it is imperative to share this knowledge and research with fellow clinicians so no partner has to suffer alone.

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