Breakup to Breakthrough: Dual Perspectives on Navigating Divorce - Therapist and Mediator Insights and Roles
  3 Hours, 0 Minutes    
Thursday, September 19th, 2024   1:45 PM EDT -4:45 PM EDT
   Yisroel Isaacs, LCSW & Isaac Gruenenbaum
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Webinar Description

This class provides a comprehensive exploration of the distinct roles of mediation and therapy in the context of divorce, highlighting the invaluable benefits a therapist can offer to clients undergoing mediation. By understanding the unique functions of mediation and therapy, participants will gain insight into how these two processes can work synergistically to achieve optimal results. The class emphasizes the therapist's ability to provide emotional support, guidance, and empowerment to clients during the challenging journey of divorce mediation. Participants will learn strategies to help clients navigate the decision-making process, develop self-reflection skills, and promote self-advocacy. By combining the strengths of mediation and therapy, clients can experience a holistic approach that addresses both their emotional well-being and the practical aspects of the divorce, ultimately leading to more informed decisions and successful mediation outcomes.

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