Supervision: Leaderships skills
  6 Hours, 0 Minutes   
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   Rebecca Ashery PhD, LCSW-C, Leader-Manager Coach
   Jacqueline Garrick, LCSW-C, ACSW
6 CEs
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Dynamic Supervision and Leadership, Management Seminar!

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This One Day Webinar includes 2 excellent classes on supervision. The full webinar provides 6 Hours of training towards the Maryland Supervisor Certification requirements for Social Workers and LCPCs. Seasoned supervisors can also use the training to meet their 3 hour renewal requirement. (CE You! has additional training to complete the 18 hours for LCPCs and 12 hours for social workers.) Clinicians in other states will get CE credits as well.

The cost of one day is $99, an individual class is $59.

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Class 1

Supervising Successful Teams- 3 CE Credits


October 13: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

Silos are out and teams are in! Whether within organizations or across organizations teams are the future in working to improve client services and tackle community issues. Why are some teams successful and why do some teams fail? Just bringing a group of smart people together does not guarantee a successful outcome. What are the conditions that make a successful team and what are the obstacles and dysfunctions that contribute to their failure?  How does one go about choosing the “right” people that should participate on the team? How does one manage team conflict? What are some of the complications in supervising teams? This webinar will examine those questions and help the supervisor establish and navigate successful teams.

(Trainer, Rebecca Ashery PhD, LCSW-C, Leader-Manager Coach, is a former captain in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps serving over 25 years in various leadership and management positions within the federal Department of Health and Human Services. She currently has a private psychotherapy practice and a coaching practice focusing on helping supervisors navigate workplace challenges)


3 Hours


Class 2

Leadership Skills for Clinical Supervisors and a Workplace Promise - 3 CEs


October 13: 1:45 PM - 4:45 PM EST

Supervisors in a mental health setting are expected to be knowledgeable clinicians and competent leaders.  The number of people under one person’s supervision can be just one person or hundreds, but the skill set needed to lead and manage others is the same.  This session will focus on the needs of clinical supervisors to not only be professionally competent but also knowledgeable about organizational and professional development that benefits the agency and its employees. The Workplace Promise campaign will be discussed as a means of providing organizational direction and leadership that facilitates resilience and wellness within an organization and its stakeholders.

(Trainer, Jacqueline Garrick, LCSW-C, ACSW, is the Founder of Whistleblowers of America. Her storied career as a social worker includes work with the American Legion and Veterans Affairs. She is the author of multiple books and is the former Director of the Department of Defense, Suicide Prevention Office.)


3 Hours


This One Day Seminar includes two excellent classes, a total of 6 CEs. You may attend an individual class for $59.

Webinars included in this package:

Supervising Successful Teams

Leadership Skills for Clinical Supervisors and a Workplace Promise

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