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Therapists, both individual and couples-focused, frequently encounter aspects of women's sexuality in their practice. Yet, a significant number find themselves without the necessary education and training to effectively guide couples through the sexual challenges they face during pivotal life events such as efforts to conceive, pregnancy, the postpartum period, and menopause.

What is considered normal? How do couples navigate these sexual concerns? This workshop is designed to delve into the complexities of sexual lifecycle events ranging from contraception to menopause. Participants will gain insights into the medical, psychological, and socio-cultural factors that influence a woman's sexual health concerns.

Furthermore, the workshop will equip therapists with strategies to optimally support couples and introduce practical intervention techniques to assist them through these significant phases of their lives.


The School of Sex Therapy is an approved continued education provider for the International Association of Psychosexual Therapists and is responsible for this program and its content



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