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Join us for a compelling webinar that delves into the journey of an individual from the point of arrest to their eventual release, shedding light on the complex processes involved in the penal and court systems. Throughout this trajectory, various opportunities arise for clinicians to provide vital services to the detained person, influenced by the biases inherent in the agencies they serve.

Throughout the session, we will explore essential legal terms and concepts relevant to the criminal justice context, as well as the critical roles of assessments, testimony, and treatment planning in this unique setting. Jane Tambree’, LCSW-C, will guide participants through these topics, offering valuable insights drawn from her work with marginalized and underserved populations, many of whom have experienced early trauma. This training will look at the utilization of self in the interview process, recognizing the importance of identifying and managing transference and countertransference dynamics. Jane will share an insightful essay that underscores the significance of these aspects in working with detainees, inmates, and clients in jails, prisons, maximum security forensic hospitals, and non-profit agencies.

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