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A psychodynamic approach to treatment has fallen out of favor with much of the field as ‘evidence based practices’ are touted as more effective, and quicker, and are pushed by insurance companies. But many studies show that psychodynamic psychotherapy has comparable effectiveness compared with CBT and better long term, post treatment effects (Leichsenring, Steinert, 2019, Cornelius, 2018, Abbas, Hancock, Henderson & Kisely, 2004, Maat, Jonghe, Schoevers, and Deker, 2009, Huber et al., 2012, Maat et al., 2009, Bateman & Fonagy, 2008, Leichsenring, Abbass, Luyten, Hilsenroth, & Rabung, 2013). An understanding of how modern psychodynamic therapy works will expand treatment options and dispel misconceptions. This interactive training will help participants understand the evidence behind the effectiveness of psychodynamic treatment. Mental health professions will learn how psychodynamic theory has changed in recent years. Participants will examine what psychodynamic diagnosis look like and review some of the common current treatment strategies.

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