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In this comprehensive workshop, participants will delve into the intricate nuances of implicit biases and their pervasive impact on various facets of our lives, specifically within the realms of the workplace, educational institutions, and the healthcare system. The primary objective of this class is to foster an understanding of how unconscious attitudes and stereotypes, stemming from implicit biases, can subtly infiltrate and influence interactions and decisions.

The workshop aims to initiate a dialogue that not only sheds light on the origins of implicit biases but also explores their intricate connections to societal norms, cultural influences, and individual experiences. By cultivating awareness about the roots of these biases, participants will gain valuable insights into ways bias can manifest in everyday scenarios, contributing to an enriched comprehension of its multifaceted nature.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the healthcare setting, where implicit biases can significantly affect clinical treatment. The class will explore scenarios where biases may inadvertently influence healthcare outcomes. By fostering awareness and dialogue surrounding these issues, the workshop aims to equip mental health professionals with the tools and insights necessary to mitigate the impact of implicit biases in clinical practice.


This class meets the DC “Key Public Health Priorities” training criteria for DC licensees and it can also be used to fulfill the NEW Implicit Bias requirement for MICHIGAN and MARYLAND licensees. Earn 2 CE/CME Credits.

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