Integrative Psychopharmacology to Enhance Mental Health Care (3 CME/CE Credits)
  3 Hours, 0 Minutes     Previously Recorded    Dr. Tamara Idette Thorn DMSc, PA-C, LCSW, CAADC, MAC, BC-TMH, ACS, NCSE, CCS, DCSW, BCD, CAQ-Psychiatry, DFAAPA
3 CEs



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Webinar Description

This comprehensive course bridges the gap between pharmacological interventions and the psychological aspects of mental health care, providing participants with a solid foundation in the principles of psychopharmacology, medication management, and the latest advancements in the field. By integrating various disciplines, this course offers a well-rounded and evidence-based approach to understanding psychotropic medications and their effects on clients.

Participants will engage in case studies, and group discussions to facilitate a deeper understanding of psychopharmacological treatments and their role in clinical practice. The curriculum covers various topics, such as the neurobiology of mental disorders, medication mechanisms, potential side effects, and appropriate dosages. In addition, this presentation emphasizes the importance of a collaborative approach between mental health professionals and prescribers, fostering effective communication and teamwork to optimize patient care. By equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of psychopharmacology, this course empowers professionals to provide more informed and holistic care to their clients.

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