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Mindfulness for BIPOC clinicians teaches how to facilitate self-care, develop a healthy identity, empower individuals to respond to intergenerational fatigue (M. Winters, 2020), and increase social esteem for their clients.

Clinicians will learn about Mindfulness as a guide to trauma-sensitive treatment that leads to resilience. They'll understand how befriending the body and seeing it as the depository of memory is a way to recover our natural intelligence and capacity to heal and overcome mental health issues that derive from oppressive systems. We explore the indigenous premise that we are the medicine we need to heal ourselves (Kopacz & Rael, 2021).

 Through mindful writing, the participants explore how the personal narrative, "the story" we tell of ourselves, is set by the long history, including cultural givens (Marra, 2020), wars, slavery, and other paradigms shaping relative reality. We will also discuss the importance of transcending relative reality, where there is discrimination, racism and other "isms" to embrace the ultimate reality where we are boundless. Finally, we'll examine how psychological variables, such as depression, sense of coherence, social support, and the sociodemographic variable of educational and financial access, impact the personal narrative. We'll also look at how treatment plans can change these variables that address emotional, cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal components of a person's life.  

 Through writing, meditation, and clinical reflections, the participants will leave with a sense of direction for facilitating psychological healing and personal transformation in those they served. This webinar aims to prepare mental health clinicians who are BIPOC and serve BIPOC communities to deal with issues of depression and low social/self-esteem, while securing adequate responses to the identified issues. 

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