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Psychotherapists of all levels of experience often identify with a theoretical orientation and specific modalities of psychotherapy to which they adhere. However, the research on common factors in psychotherapy suggests that much, perhaps most, of the change clients experience as a result of therapy is attributable to therapeutic factors common to all psychotherapies rather than to   a specific   approach   and its techniques  (e.g., CBT, DBT, EMDR, IFS)  used by the therapist. This workshop will review the literature on the centrality of the common factors to the process of change in therapy. It will enumerate many of the factors discussed in the literature, including the client-therapist relationship, client and therapist expectations for the outcome of therapy, goal consensus and collaboration, empathy, positive regard, and genuineness. The presenter will offer suggestions for how to increase the incorporation of common factors in clinical practice and will engage participants to share strategies of their own.

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