Self-Disclosure: An Ethical Approach to Knowing What to say, When to Say it, and How to Say it
  3 Hours, 0 Minutes    
Sunday, August 18th, 2024   1:00 PM EDT -4:00 PM EDT
   Tonya Logan, LCSW-C, LICSW, Founder and CEO, Kayla’s Village
3 CEs



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Self-Disclosure: An Ethical Approach to “Knowing What to say, When to Say it, and How to Say it”

Live Webinar

Sunday, August 18th, 2024

1:00 PM-4:00 PM EST

3 CE Credits - Ethics

The use of self-disclosure in therapeutic relationships is a nuanced aspect of clinical practice that can significantly impact the connection between clinicians and clients. While certain personal details about therapists are inherently evident, the decision of when and how much to disclose remains a complex challenge for many practitioners. When clients inquire about the personal lives of their therapists, it often poses a dilemma regarding the appropriate response, with potential implications for the perceived professionalism of the clinician.

This interactive training, facilitated by Tonya Logan, Founder and CEO of Kayla’s Village, aims to address this challenge by using her own personal narrative as a case study. By sharing her experiences, Logan intends to provide a practical framework for clinicians to navigate the delicate balance of self-disclosure in their therapeutic interactions. The training encourages participants to approach client inquiries as opportunities for connection and growth, framing challenges within a positive and strength-based context.

Participants will be guided to develop a deeper understanding of how seemingly threatening questions from clients can be reframed to avoid prejudicial responses. The workshop emphasizes viewing these moments as chances to model effective communication and disclosure. By doing so, clinicians can contribute to the personal and professional growth of their clients, fostering an environment that encourages openness and understanding. Ultimately, this training seeks to empower clinicians with the skills to explain challenging information in a constructive manner, promoting a forward-moving, growth-oriented therapeutic relationship.

(Trainer, Tonya Logan,  LCSW-C, LICSW, Founder and CEO, Kayla’s Village)


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