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In the United States, a significant portion of the population, approximately 70-80%, identifies with a religious faith. This diversity is increasingly becoming a hallmark of the American demographic landscape. In the realm of therapy, and particularly in sex therapy, a nuanced understanding of the varied cultural and religious backgrounds that shape clients' worldviews is essential. Such an understanding is crucial for fostering a therapeutic environment that respects and acknowledges these diverse perspectives and for effectively addressing the complex interplay between a client’s family system and their cultural and religious beliefs as they relate to relationships, sexuality, sex, gender, and family dynamics.

This course embarks on an extensive global exploration, dedicating significant focus to Asia and the Middle East. We aim to delve into the rich diversity of norms, customs, practices, and the unique challenges and strengths of working with individuals from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Our journey will include insights into working with East Asians, individuals from the Indian sub-continent, Muslims, Arabs, Jews, Christians, and Mormons.

Participants will have a foundational understanding of these cultures and religions, enabling them to offer culturally sensitive therapy. The course emphasizes the importance of leveraging clients' religious and cultural backgrounds in a strength-based approach to therapy. Additionally, participants will develop skills to adeptly navigate the common challenges that may emerge in the therapeutic process, ensuring a respectful, informed, and effective practice.


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