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As many play therapists may know- or really, any of us who once walked the halls of middle school, drama is a culture of childhood and adolescence. Beneath the drama of catty comments and backhanded compliments often lies a foundation built on complex trauma. Drama is another word for play, and as is often the case, external drama can offer a mask to underlying trauma ingrained in a person’s psyche. Adolescence is hard enough. It is a time of uncertainty, of transition, of multiple changes into the unfamiliar and unknown. Add in the pervasive effects of complex trauma- multiple traumatic events or exposure, and viola! You have concocted a perfect storm of tumultuous teen angst. This training aims to examine the underlying factors of complex trauma, as this form of developmental trauma influences all facets of a young person’s life. Play therapists can benefit from a three-phase play therapy approach to stabilizing that traumatized child or teen, addressing underlying trauma themes and helping the young person reconnect with self, others, and the world around them. As deep-seated as trauma can be, it can defy any language to describe it. Play therapists can use the language of play to cross these barriers and help the child client access and share their story.

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