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Have you ever had a patient/client that could not forgive themselves or another?  Everyone who has difficulty forgiving someone in their life starts off by saying “Yea But…”. Chuck Jansen, founder of the Forgiveness Institute, KC Inc has had 10 years experience in facilitating people through the complicated process of Forgiveness.  In this unique 3 hour session, we will explore the "common denominators" and factors that all people experience as they struggle with forgiveness.  Truths will be discussed and explored as we watch video clips of 9 individuals who have graciously agreed to be filmed as they share their personal experience of forgiveness.

Jermaine Wilson went to prison in Leavenworth, and then became mayor of Leavenworth. Kim had an alcoholic father, Katherine got divorced after 19 years of marriage, Alison's father was murdered, and Jim, a large business owner, went to prison for white collar crime. These are just some of the "Yea But faculty". This presentation includes video appearances from Dr Mack Harnden, Licensed  Psychologist, Ph. D, and "Live Inspired" national best seller author and speaker John O'Leary. These inspiring testimonies will assure that you pick up some helpful tools in helping your clients forgive themselves or someone in their life. And in the words of one, “When you forgive, you set yourself free”. 

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