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Paradoxical interventions are known for being counter intuitive and contradicting conventional wisdom. The approach is known for effectively working with difficult clients and bypassing treatment resistance. Historically, the method was used by master therapists including: Milton Erickson, Salvador Minuchin, Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir, and others. Due to its seemingly counter-intuitive and nonlinear nature, the method was considered an unexplainable mystery. However this webinar will reveal the logic that directs the process and the 'method behind the madness'. 
The approach is famous for 'prescribing the symptom', 'positive reframing', and 'symptom exaggeration'. It is known for influencing rapid change in the 'hard to treat' client including the  borderline personality, eating disorders, and other repetitive rigid type behaviors. This training will focus on addressing couple and family conflict. The webinar will include videos and case examples. 

Paradoxical Interventions is an alliance-attachment based approach that builds on the work of Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls, and Milton Erickson. However it goes one step further. It also incorporates the unexpected absurdity of 'Bugs Bunny' type humor. It is this absurdity that often destabilizes the client's status-quo assumptions, and allows for him to become open to new experiences and explore new behavior. The approach has been described as: amazing, disarming, humorous, mysterious, and provocative. While those who focus on 'trying to change behavior' may consider it to be complicated, once it is understood that the central focus is on the alliance and attachment, the approach is actually unexpectedly simple. This seminar is ‘a must’ for any clinician who wants to challenge his own assumptions and expectations of therapy. 

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