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This workshop delves into the complex interplay between faith or religious beliefs and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), recognizing the potential impediments these factors pose to the safety of those experiencing abuse. Simultaneously, it acknowledges that some individuals employ their faith as a rationale for engaging in abusive behaviors. Attendees will acquire practical strategies aimed at supporting survivors as they navigate safety considerations alongside their perceived obligations to religious beliefs and the associated emotional challenges.

The workshop further addresses the crucial aspect of worker cultural humility, emphasizing the necessity for professionals to approach their work with a humble understanding of diverse cultures. Participants will be encouraged to cultivate cultural competence, particularly in the context of the intersections of faith/religion, gender identity, race/culture, and IPV. The session underscores the significance of incorporating culturally appropriate intervention strategies, ensuring that professionals are equipped to address the unique needs of individuals from various cultural backgrounds who may be impacted by intimate partner violence. Through this comprehensive approach, the workshop aims to enhance the capacity of participants to provide effective and culturally sensitive support to survivors navigating the complex interconnections of faith, identity, and abuse.

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