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Internal Family Systems(IFS) therapy brings new and innovative ways to access the Self of the Therapist. In challenging times, psychotherapists are the silent "frontline" workers,  called upon to help those affected by the crisis at hand to maintain and to heal. At the same time that we are intending to be there for others, our own parts carry stressors and burdens silently into the therapy room. This course is designed to give therapists an overview of the IFS perspective on the Self of the therapist. Participants will then be introduced to some of the common "parts" that show up for clinicians in crisis times. They will then begin to experientially explore their own parts with curiosity, compassion & appreciation. Participants will then be able to utilize the wisdom of their parts to inform their interactions with clients without overwhelming the sessions. Through a series of exercises and experiences, participants will learn how to "un-blend" from their own parts and to bring more "Self Energy" to their work. This course will be taught using a combination of a didactic, experiential, and demonstration techniques. It is designed for both those who are new to IFS and for those who are experience IFS therapist.

Mary Kruger, MS, LMFT is an IFS Lead trainer and has taught and practiced psychotherapy for over 20 years using the IFS model. she is also an AAMFT approved supervisor, who emphasizes and guides supervisees, trainees; and those who are consulting,  on the importance of the Self of the therapist in working with clients.

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