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A couple come to you for help on their marriage. You conduct an initial interview so that both the clients and the therapist can decide whether to begin therapy. It quickly becomes apparent to you that one of them suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. You face a number of basic questions that will be addressed by our webinar. Should you agree to treat them, on the assumption that the marriage may be viable? Conversely, would treatment be a waste of time and client money? Do you have an ethical obligation to advise the non-BPD client to prepare for divorce? If you do decide to treat, should they be seen as a couple? Should each be seen in individual therapy by two different therapists? Does the “type” of borderline symptoms influence your answer to these questions? What does outcome research tell us about the viability of the marriage? Does DBT offer hope? What advice might you offer the non-BPD spouse: be unconditionally loving and accepting, so that you touch your spouse’s heart; be tough, set boundaries, including threatening to abandon the marriage? Combine both approaches in “Tough Love”? How can you engage the BPD spouse, while knowing that nearly any request that you make asking them to change can be seen as a mortal attack.

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