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Parental alienation, a complex phenomenon that can profoundly affect families during the process of and post divorce, necessitates a deep understanding and expertise among professionals dealing with legal and psychological aspects. This workshop will equip participants with essential knowledge and skills to recognize the characteristics of parental alienation.

Throughout this training, attendees will delve into key topics, including differentiating between clinical and forensic services, identifying the tell-tale signs of "misplaced advocacy," and discerning the subtle forensic signals within a case. By the end of the workshop, participants will be well-versed in recognizing spheres of influence that can impact cases involving parental alienation.

Join us for this transformative workshop, where the instructors will provide comprehensive training, empowering attendees to effectively address parental alienation cases with precision and professionalism. Prepare to enhance your expertise and make a positive difference in the lives of families navigating these intricate and sensitive situations.

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