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The sexual behavior of children may be distressful to the child, other children who may become exposed to the behavior, and the adults who are guiding the child’s healthy growth and maturation. Comforting the upset child, providing them with useful reassurances that they are normal is important. Normalizing the child’s experiences often also involves other adults who are concerned with the child’s continued well-being. The subject of this course is initiating and maintaining that process.


Rabbinic leaders, educators, mental health practitioners are often involved when a child’s sexual behavior become problematic. How do we talk with children about their behavior in a compassionate way that reassures them that they are ok and that you understand their experiences? How can we involve the other adults who are relevant to the child’s healthy development in this discussion?


Mr. Hillel R. Sternstein, LCSW has published and presented locally and internationally on subjects of child development and trauma.

He is a private practitioner who is working with children, adolescents and adults in individual, family, group educational and communal contexts. His professional experiences include working with abused and neglected children and their families in the New York City foster care system, in a licensed outpatient mental health clinic, as coordinator of trauma mental health services for OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services and clinical coordinator of their Teaneck Family Service Center. He is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University School of Social Work as well as ABD at Adelphi University School of Social Work doctoral program.


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